Chris Pepper is a workshop instructor for North of 49 Photography conducting wildlife and landscape workshops for clients across Canada. 

About Chris Pepper

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Chris is a workshop leader and guide taking his clients and other companies clients across Canada. Some highlight trips he runs include wildlife from land to sea. Each year he spends countless hours with some of the best captains photographing Humpbacks, Orcas, Fin, Grey, Beluga and Minky whales. Other days he spends photographing Grizzly bear in their natural environments in BC. Black and costal brown bears foraging for food in seasonal conditions. You can also find him in some of Canadas best migration zones photographing raptors, costal birds and small perching birds. Having a passion for wildlife makes him a great person to be with in the field. He will help you understand how to photograph your subject based on his many years of experience, as well teach you why the behaviour is happening. 

The best part about Chris is he's always willing to put down the big lens to take a landscape photograph. Always searching for that special light to capture surreal photographs that captivates the beauty Canada has to offer. Every corner of Canada is ideal to photograph but Chris likes to take it to the next level. You can find Chris taking long exposure images day and night. During the day he likes to use strong ND filters to create streaking clouds or silky waterfall images. By night he loves to shoot the stars and Aurora. Chris can be found on both the East and the West coast teaching these types of photography.  

Chris has realized over the years that the most important part of life besides photography is spending time with his family, friends and dog. Life is to short, enjoy each day with the people that mean the most to you! 

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Waiting on a fox to come out of it's den.

Always time for fun when you come across a swing set in the middle of a forest

45 days in Yukon and I look like I'm right out of the bush.